Riddle Me This

A Guessing Game

Introducing this game

The purpose of the game is to guess a word or phrase from a given picture.

Three attempts are allowed. With each subsequent attempt, further clues will be shown at the expense of reduced points.


To play, first you need to register, if you have not already done so.

Once you register, you will be taken to your user page. On subsequent visits, use your username to login. Each username is unique and its sole purpose is to keep track of the games you played and the points you gained.

Please note, this game is not secured so do not use any personal details. The username will be displayed for anyone to see in the Hall of Fame page.

The username can be any set of letters and numbers.

Once you log in you will be taken to your user page. There you can see a list of games you played and the points gained. You can start a new game from this page.

More detailed information can be found in the About page of this game.

A Hall of Fame keeps track of the best results obtained for a single game and another for total points gained by users over all the games they played. These Hall of Fame lists hold the top 10. In case of equal points, newer entries take precedence over older ones which will drop out of the list if they go beyond the top 10.